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Good to know

The safety of Micrelec payment terminals

Sint-Denijs-Westrem, May 5, 2018


The hardware and software solutions that Micrelec releases, comply with strict safety standards.

This also applies to the payment terminals that are in accordance with international safety regulations and standards. The outdoor temrinals, as installed by Micrelec, are equipped with payment modules supplied by Atos Worldine or CCV, that are suitable for integration. The devices coming from these highly recommended suppliers meet with all the current standards for safety and fraud prevention like EMV and PCI/DSS. Furthermore, the different elements in the construction of the payment terminals ensure safe transactions.


The EMV standard (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) is a technical standard that relates to payment cards and payment terminals. This standard, more specifically, concerns the chip that replaces the magnetic strip in bank cards. With EMV transactions, more safety related information is transferred than with transactions with magnetic strip cards.
This allows the card issuer to follow the progress of transactions and to process customer requests more efficiently.

privacy shields

For more information, go to the Visa website or even Wikipedia.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry data security standard) regulates the data safety of transactions. More details here.

Safe housing guaranteed
he housing on the Micrelec payment terminals also contains several elements to prevent theft.

  • Robust material
  • Privacy shields that keep waiting customers from watching when the customer enters their pin codes

Electronic locks
The Micrelec payment terminals are equipped with electronic locks. There are 3 ways to open them:

  • Using a pressure switch inside the station
  • Via an online instruction
  • By inserting a service card into the card reader.

Micrelec takes another step in e-mobilityel charger

Sint-Denijs-Westrem, 26 June 2017

Earlier this year, Micrelec made an agreement with Blue Corner for the maintenance and management of AC chargers, the “slower” charging terminals that can be found in public places, parkings and private companies.
Now, Micrelec is taking a next step as it will be taking care of the support for DC chargers or "rapid chargers" for Blue Corner, since the ever-growing batteries in electric vehicles are becoming increasingly important.  These rapid chargers are significantly more complex than the slow charging terminals. To be able to support these, the Micrelec employees will receive specific training. With this move, Micrelec enforces its position in this market, which is expected to grow strongly in the next years.

CarPay Diem

Micrelec starts pilot with mobile payment

Sint-Denijs-Westrem, 26 June 2017

In association with Kwalyo, Micrelec has started a pilot for mobile payment in Belgium. With this service, called CarPay-Diem, a customer can refuel and pay in a simple and comfortable way using his smartphone. The gas station manager gets new and modern resources to get in touch with his customers. The goal of this pilot is to test the technical infrastructure and to optimise the user experience.  This summer, the pilot will be expanded and Micrelec is expecting to offer this new service to its customers by the end of this year. For more information, view this video.