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The Micrelec CRIND: the payment terminal below the pump head

The Micrelec CRIND (Card Reader IN Dispenser) is a flexible payment solution that has been designed to be mounted in/at a pump. The advantage of this configuration is that the customer does not have to enter a pump number. Moreover, the customer never has to wait at the payment terminal.



Extensive payment possibilities

  • Banc cards
  • Credit cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Fuel cards
  • Company cards
  • “Local” cards

Choose your payment processor

The local bank cards are disappearing and are being replaced by the maestro function on the bank card. This creates new possibilities and we are no longer tied to the local provider. As integrator, Micrelec offers you the possibility to choose between Atos Worldline or CCV as payment processor.

No more jammed tickets

A common issue with outdoor payment terminals in general is caused by the ticket printer.
Because of the increasing humidity in wet weather, the paper in the ticket printer gets less firm and is likely to cause paper jams.
The more humid it gets, the more problems you can expect.
That is why Micrelec has fitted the CRIND with complete climate control, which measures both the temperature and the humidity.
The temperature will only be increased when a certain humidity limit has been exceeded.
Good news, since this will basically lead to a decrease in consumption!

A summary of all functional specs

  • Housing of stainless steel
  • One or two pinpas with manual magnet and chip card reader
  • One or two thermal printers with paper cutters
  • One central processor board with Windows embedded OS
  • Possibility to connect to the site controller over LAN TCP/IP
  • LED lighting
  • 6” instruction space on the pin pad (no touch screen)
  • Complies with the Banksys and Interpay security conditions (3 minute anti-theft protection)
  • EMV compatible
  • CE approval
  • Operates over ADSL
  • Service cards
    • Index & level ticket
    • Opening terminal
  • Climate control (no more standard heating)
  • Remote service
    • Reset pinpad
    • Reset ticket printer
  • Alarms P24/7

Technical specs

  • One or two sides
  • Dimensions (mm): h x w x d - 345 x 340 x 506,5 / 869 (drawer and back door closed / drawer and back door opened)
  • Weight:
    • One-sided 30,5 Kg
    • Two-sided 37,5 Kg
  • Components:
    • Atos Xenteo or CCV pinpad/reader
    • Zebra ticket printer
    • Central power unit
  • Distribution board
    • 24Vdc switchable 12V / 5v power depending on the pinpad type
    • Climate control
    • Emergency opening
  • Climate control
  • Wiring:
    • 1x power cord 3x1,5mm²
    • 2x CAT5 or CAT6 utp-cable for data communication
    • 1x cable with at least 2x 0,75mm² for remote control of the lock